Editist Premium WordPress Plugin

Editist Premium WordPress Plugin

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The fully-featured premium version of the Editist Style Guide WordPress Plugin.

The plugin helps you write better content by highlighting text that doesn't follow your personalized content standards and other best practices.

Successful websites need consistent, high-quality content to convert customers and improve search engine rankings.

A content style guide is a documented set of rules for your content creators, that defines how your brand is communicated through copy. It is a crucial tool to achieve professional content, and covers aspects such as vocabulary preferences, punctuation usage and formatting – everything your authors and editors need to create effective content with a consistent voice and tone.

A style guide improves your content production workflow and the usability of your content, and saves your team from having to repeatedly sit through debates about Oxford commas and adverbs.

Use the Editist Style Guide Checker plugin to quickly set up your custom content style guide in WordPress and see specifically where rules are broken as you write and edit content.